Sunday, May 29, 2016


The hippogriff, a steed born of a mare and a griffin is a legendary creature which has the front half of an eagle and the hind half of a horse; it is extremely fast and is able to fly around the world and to the Moon.

It is ridden by magicians and the wandering knight Ruggiero, who was raised since infancy by the wizard Atlante, as a warrior. Atlante is fiercely protective of Ruggiero and keeps him hidden in an invisible castle on the top of a mountain.

In my story, Ruggiero escapes from the castle by melding with the hippogriff and flying to safety.

Photos courtesy of Fairyland ~ a new release coming in June.

Ruggiero will be added to my mythical creatures of The Elvin Forest, I hope you like him.

P.S. All ordered on 13th June and the hippogriff has been named Fleetfoot.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Two Red Haired Girls

My IH Naias has undergone a sex change and has become Eve (I think she looks much better as a girl) and Pippin (FL LF Pipi) has a new wig.

They are wearing new outfits made from the recently received fabrics. Both quickly made from modified patterns. I really should have paid more attention to the fabric and cut the pant sections separately instead of folding the fabric face to face and cutting the two sides of the pants together.

P.S. The curly wig is a Monique Gold and the other a Luts. The green shoes are from CoolCat and the boots from Luts.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Hershey Bear

Hersyey's not really a bear, but she was certainly behaving like a bear with a sore head, before she went for a walk in the Elvin Forest with her pet bunny,

I think she may have got out the wrong side of the bed this morning, she was really grumpy.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Show and Tell

Well it's almost been two weeks since I posted anything, the longest gap between posts I've ever had. Aside from it being a busy time for me, I have been feeling quite anti social. I blame it on the weather, it's been cold, wet and horribly windy, which does absolutely nothing to tempt me out of the house, or provide me with any incentive for photography. However, I am, as you can see, still alive and kicking, and today I have some goodies to share with you.

Firstly my Monet (DC Larry), who arrived some time back. Can't wait for a good MSC day to get started on him.

Then I received all this lovely fabric (yes, I know, I've been naughty again) to make some more clothes for Polkadots and Rainbows.

Yesterday Momoko (IH Ah-Ra) arrived, her name 桃子 means peach child.

And today my order of wigs (added a couple of cheapies) and shoes from Luts, was a bit disappointed the lilac ones didn't come with laces though.

After realising that the DZ head I ordered a several weeks ago wouldn't fit the neck of my SD13 body, I finally found a head that will. It's a Volks SD-DWC #3  head in pure skin, which is what the body is. Although the body is somewhat aged, I thought a good spa treatment will at least make it clean again.

I'm not overly happy with the black line in the mouth, and she is probably not to everyone's liking, but I think the face up by Tsuki Neko Atelier (Uchan on DOA) will suit one of my Steampunk girls very well.

I have a wig that will fit the head, perhaps not the right colour, however, it will do until I find the right one. I'd really like something that will suit the period and support a hat properly.

Well my lovelies, it's back to "work" for me, there's a lot to keep me busy for quite some time, have a safe Friday 13th and a wonderful weekend.

P.S. You may or not have noticed I have reorganised my Magical & Fantasy dolls all in The Elvin Forest. :)