Thursday, October 29, 2015

Fairies in the Dell

I've been kinda busy these past few days, but nothing really exciting to share. Spent a couple of days at the movies with my guy, did a little shopping at Knox, managed to finish Wi's little dress and circlet, and got a little more knitting done, but that's about it.

I took a few pics today of them with the pumpkin candle holder which I purchased at Dusk with a gift card my daughter gave me last Christmas. (I also got a little white house which I'll show you later.)

The mossy mat I purchased to go around my Ent's feet turned out to be a complete waste of money, it just shed fibre everywhere and made a ruddy big mess for me to clean up! Not at all happy! I might see if I can lay my hands on an offcut of fake grass lawn when we next visit our local Bunnings store.

I always live in hope, although I have just about given up on my April Story doll ever arriving before we go on holiday. Anyone thinking of purchasing from them BEWARE ~ they tell huge fibs!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Spooky Halloween Monster Tag

I was recently tagged by the charming Alasse from the Wayward Inn and although I have other things that could use some attention (like my poor paint peeling garden pots), I thought it would be an enjoyable break from the real world to have some fun with this meme. :)

  • Werewolf – How has the hobby “transformed” you? I have always been a collector, and although previous treasures have been pleasing to the eye and decorative around our home, they have always been static. I find BJD's very tactile and they have quite quickly taken me on a journey around the world and introduced me to some wonderful people. BJD's have also opened doors to exciting new interests, (all of which I am still exploring) and have renewed my enthusiasm for photography.

  • Vampire – The dreaded sun! How do you feel about and cope with yellowing, or more generally the ageing of these dolls? I purchase my dolls to enjoy, so they are always on display, ready for me to pick up and play with. They are in a room with the blind down to protect them from direct sunlight and all our windows are UV-A tinted, but if they mellow with age so be it, after all aging is just part of life, nothing stays like new forever.

  • Frankenstein’s Monster – Have you ever modded a doll? Tell us about it! If you could magically try any mod without fear of failure, what would you like to try? Yes, I have modded dolls in the past, but not any BJD's. To be honest I'm not sure I would want to mod a BJD, though I do own a couple with modded ears, but for the most part I like my dolls as they are. One day I'd love to sculpt one.

  • Zombie – Have you ever caught the Marketplace virus?? Name some unplanned purchases that jumped out and “infected” you? OMG there have been so many, but not so much from the Marketplace, mostly direct from suppliers. My recent being the two FL RLF human Mari's in pink and tan, I really had no intention of purchasing them when FL released the mermaid, I just wanted the full set in normal skin with the clear pink tail. However, the thought of two little girls with different colour skin really “infected” me and caught me quite by surprise!

  • Skeleton – What’s your favourite body sculpt? Forget heads! I don't really have a favourite body sculpt, although I have a leaning towards anything FL because they pose so well, but my favourite body part would have to be Peak's Woods special hands.

  • Witch – Name some dolls that are magical! Seeing them on your dashboard inspires you! Can be general sculpts or specific dolls owned by talented friends. My Puki Fees, I just love them so much. They sit on a little shelf beside my bed, they are the first thing I see when I wake and the last thing I see before sleep. If I'm ever feeling down, I can count on them magically cheer me up in no time at all. As for other people's dolls, well there have been several over the years, probably too many to mention here!

  • Photo: Peak's Woods
  • Ghost – The one that got away. Do any limited or rare dolls “haunt” you to this day? Oh yeah, I completely missed out on getting my grail doll ~ Peak's Woods A B Bella the Moon. She had been on my wish list for such a long time, but I kept putting her off because I never quite had enough money to purchase her outright. I also kept falling for new, less expensive dolls which didn't help matters, so when I finally had enough money to bring her home, she was no longer available.

  • Freddy Krueger – What is your worst doll nightmare? Has it happened or not? Losing all my dolls in a house fire! Especially the limited ones, as they could never be replaced.

  • Nanette's New Dress
  • Jason Voorhees – If you were gonna make Halloween costumes for your dolls (or if you plan to!) what costumes would you make? Not sure if I want to go there today, I have designed a few, but none that I have been completely happy with.

  • Chucky (possessed doll) – Have you ever been scared of dolls or a certain doll? Be honest! Maybe scared isn't quite the word I would use, but I do detest those ugly ventriloquist dolls, they really give me the creeps.

  • Now I believe this is where I'm supposed to tag a few more people, but most of my blogging friends have already been tagged. However, if you have been accidently overlooked, please feel free to join in and have a go at it yourself.

    Lene at Dustbunnie's Dusty Doll Dungeon
    Lily at Genwaku
    Sam at Days of Our Little Lives

    Sunday, October 18, 2015

    Tutorial: Sculpting an Ent

    This is what happens when three single objects from my stash come together. :)

    1. Cardboard inside of a handtowel roll
    2. Kaisercraft oval house number plaque or round MDF base
    3. Ceramic mushroom

    I debated about using the wooden ones shown (top right) but decided against them, I also chose to use a large round base, rather than the small oval base shown in the first two photos.

    You will also need a Hot Glue Gun, Aluminium Foil and a
    500gram pack of Mont Marte Air Hardening Modelling Clay.

    First I marked where I wanted the Ent and the Mushroom to sit on the base.

    After hubby drilled the holes to insert the roll and ceramic mushroom, I used my glue gun to secure them in place.

    I then wrapped the tube with crinkled aluminium foil, forming two branches for arms and adding a nose.

    This gave the tube a rough surface for the modelling clay to adhere to.

    Now it was time to add the clay. First I divided it into eight pieces, then softened one piece at a time by kneading it between my fingers, then I squished it until I had thin a sheet. I gradually added each piece in layers over the foil. For the eyebrows and moustache I rolled pieces into strips and added them where I wanted them to sit.

    Once the Ent was all covered I began using my sculpting tools to smooth the surface making sure the eyebrows and moustache were firmly and attached before creating the bark like finish.

    To give him eyesight and to and add some character, I used a couple of Blythe eye chips, but you could use beads or buttons.

    When he's and dry I will paint him and add other plant material to complete a little setting for my fairies to be photographed.

    Wednesday, October 14, 2015

    Another Threesome

    When it comes to fashion, I'm still all about doing things in threes, it doesn't seem to matter whether it's a comfy top, pair of pants, shoes or bags. Yesterday was a perfect example of this, but the best part was not having to pay for them all.

    I love the Colette store and whenever I'm over at the Knox Shopping Centre I can't help stopping at their store to see what's new. This season is all about the mini bag and lovely fresh colours which I adore.

    If I am completely honest, I really didn't NEED new handbags. However, when they come in such beautiful colours which compliment the tropical summer prints and you only need to purchase two, to receive a third bag for FREE, it very quickly becomes a temptation I am unable to resist.

    I also like that each bag puchased from Colette, comes with a protective cover bag in which to store it while not in use. A very convenient way to ensure your bags are clean and ready to go when you want them.

    Friday, October 09, 2015


    When I haven't been kitting or sewing, I'm afraid Fairyland has been occupying a lot of my time of late. I love the new FairyLine and the RealFee, but just couldn't quite make up my mind whether I wanted another larger doll, even though the Seahorse was extremely beautiful.

    Photos courtesy of  Fairyland
    After much debating with myself, and already ordering the full set of the Mari Mermaid in the colours shown here, I caved in an ordered two Mari humans as well!

    She is such a cutie, I ordered her in pink skin and another in tan, but neither with face up or any other attachments. That way I can give them the personal touch to create different personalities.

    Now of course the long wait until they all arrive, it's going to kill me waiting for these tinies, but it will be worth it.
    Have a doll meet to go to tomorrow, but I shall catch up with reading your blogs over the next few days and be back soon with some pretty new creations to show you.
    Have a lovely weekend everyone!