Sunday, November 30, 2014

What a Week!

It's no wonder they call the lead up to Christmas the "Silly Season" . . . it's been kinda hectic around here this week. What with new dolly arrivals, hubby's return, organising a local meet and face up for my new PF Luna. But it's been really exciting too . . . especially seeing the face up has been done by an emerging Australian F/U Artist.
I had seen a picture of a little face on DoA and it immediately grabbed my attention, I asked who had done it, the reply "I did" made me really take notice. Then I took a browse around her Flickr. Ah ha, I thought to myself, this little lady has talent, so I approached her about doing a commission for me. As it turned out, I was to be her very first commission, but I had real faith in this young lady hailing from a town north of Brisbane, Queensland!
My faith has been rewarded . . . I am soooo in love with this face.

Preliminary photos were taken with the camera.

These final two with the phone.

She is everything I wanted . . . a little more peach than pink, with soft freckles and teef, yes she had to have teef. :) OMG do I love those little teef, she is going to make one hell of cheeky Christmas Fairy.

The artist is petitemarine on DoA and Flickr. I am so grateful to her for doing such a wonderful job and so pleased I took a punt on her. :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A New Trio

One plus two makes three, and you know what happens when I have three to play with! But they are a strange little trio for sure. The red wig isn't staying, I was just having fun with Pio.

As you know, I received Bonnie (center) a little while back, then I managed to snap up Luna and Pio off DoA. Luna came with a blank face, which has already been sent off for a face up, and  Pio came as a full set. I do like his shoes, but I doubt if I will keep all the clothes or the plum wig that came with the set.

I have been thinking about making the three into a Christmas Trio. Now this will depend on how Luna's face turns out, she may become the Christmas Fairy and Pio would probably make a great Ghost of Christmas Past, but I at this stage I am a little bit stumped for idea when it comes to Bonnie. Any suggestions!


Not long to go till I draw a winner . . . if you'd like to enter my giveaway, click the button in the side column for details. :)

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Nadia's Mori Kei

Loose fitting layered skirt a little on the quirky side, with lots of lace and frills. Her smock style top is made from a leafy Japanese print with bunnies, and features a plain brown yoke with buttons. Her shoulders are kept warm with an ivory cotton cape trimmed with a lace ruffle.

Although you cannot see them, she is also wearing cotton bloomers and a new pair of brown round toe, lace up boots.

Nadia is an uncomplicated girl, who enjoys making things with her hands. She is a collector of things and enjoys poking around in old book shops and antique stores. (That sounds a lot like me!)

Friday, November 21, 2014

Heads Up

Time has come to move on some heads and faceplates that I intended to do something with, and now know I wont!
Fairyland Juri 2013 LTF Elf Face Plate (Normal Skin Resin) $50 + postage

Luts 2013 Summer Event KDF Head (Normal Skin Resin) $60 + postage

 The Mushroom Peddler 2010 Head (White Skin Resin) $70 + postage

Registered Post to USA $21.10
Express Post within Australia $10.55
All will be available through DoA or by leaving a message on this post.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

New Arrival

After a longer than expected wait for her arrival, my Fairyland Bisou finally came yesterday. No fault of her previous owner, I might add. The doll was in Oz on the 12th, but for some unknown reason it took 6 days to get from one side of Melbourne to the other. Her previous owner was kind enough to send her with eyes, hair and dress, but I had something special planned for this little one.
The wig is one of the new ones I ordered from Leekeworld (LR092) in Lavender Rose, the shoes I bought from eBay, the dress & undies I made, and the cardi was from Etsy quite some time ago.
Not sure whether to keep the eyes she has (they're a sort of green/grey) or try for another colour, perhaps something a little lighter, so I'd love to hear your opinions.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Little Sweeties

Took a few quick snaps of my girls today.
My little Cookie (PF Bonnie). Now how could you not love this dear little face (forget the lousy photography), she w came to me in May this year.

Dear sweet Lindt (PF Ante), my first Pukifee. I have had her for 20 months and love her as much now as I did when I brought her home. :)

Friday, November 14, 2014

Sweeter than Springtime . . .

. . . is my lovely Nadia. I took a short break from sewing and knitting to give her a little makeover today. She's wearing an Iplehouse wig that I stole from Lonnie and a new two piece outfit (made by me of course and available for purchase on Etsy). I really like her new look and enjoyed playing with her today. :)

Now speaking of wigs, I sort of went crazy this week when I saw that Leekeworld had a big sale on and I just love their wigs. So there are seven slightly out of the ordinary ones on their way to me right now.

Have a happy weekend everyone!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Project: Cushions

Just a quick post today.
Although I was full of good intentions, I didn't have time to photograph these step by step with everything else running through my head. However, I thought I should show a photo of the finished articles (there are four) just so you know, I did actually finish what I started 10 days ago. :)

Down the bottom, to the right you can see a sample of the new flooring that has yet to be laid.
P.S. Check out these little guys that arrived yesterday!

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Inspired by Nature

Some of you may already be aware of my background in fashion and textiles, but not of my interest in Japanese Street Wear. I have long admired how these wonderful young people can adapt any period of European fashion wherever and whenever they choose to create a style of their very own. I love their ability to really enjoy the clothes they wear, regardless of what anyone else may think.

They have inspired me to produce a range of BJD doll clothes based on two of my current favourites . . . Natural and Mori.

Natural Kei is a much older style than Mori, dating back to the 70's. It has almost a pastoral, "Home on the Prairie" look to it, that is very close to nature. It tends to be slightly fitted with simple pinafores, aprons or long coats over long floral dresses. Colour and small floral prints are more noticeable and the multi layering and frayed edges which appear in Mori, are less apparent in Natural Kei.

Mori Kei takes inspiration from the forest, colours are very earthy and natural and the clothing is, for the most part, very loose almost A line in design. Mori girls like to dress in many layers using soft creams, shades of browns, very soft dusty blues, pastel pinks or pale moss like greens. Lace and boots play a large part in the overall look.

More recently, I have been looking at the mergence between Natural Kei and Mori Kei. A lot depends on your own perspective, there are some combinations that one person would call Natural, whereas another would refer to it as Mori. I like to think of my designs being an experimental combination of the two and have opened a new Etsy store to readily accommodate them . . .

 As each design in my head, becomes a finished garment, they will be posted.
Here's a little preview of what's to come.

Friday, November 07, 2014

Jumping Out of My Skin!

Yes, the old girl has ants in her pants and can't wait until next week . . . I finally received my shipping notice from Fairyland that my two tiny PukiPukis, Soso and Ara, are on their way. YAY!!
And here I was feeling all down in the mouth because they appeared to be behind with their deliveries, and of course Doll Zone's even more behind, so wasn't expecting anything before Christmas. Then low and behold one of my wishlist dolls was up for grabs on DOA . . . ah ha I thought to myself, I could have a new member of my family in my hot little hands by the end of next week.
Needless to say, I couldn't resist the temptation and this sweet, no longer loved Bisou is coming to live with me, where she will be very  much loved and spoilt. So instead of none, I now have three arrivals scheduled for the coming week. Funny how things always happen in threes around here. :)

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Winter Knitwear for BJD's & Give Away

The jumpers are made using a basic pattern and a little "artistic licence", so no two will be exactly the same. The yarn is 2ply wool and they all close at the back with a zipper. The hats, (which are quite stretchy to go over a wig, as long as it's not too boofy), are just made up as I go along. They can be made to any length, depending on whether one wants to cover the ears or not.
Antoinette modelling a little striped number with matching hat.

This short sleeved lacy set was made for Nadia my Luts KID Delf.

Lime set for boy or girl BJD.

Golden set for Littlefee, Iplehouse BID or Dollzone BB.

Wren modelling a jumper and hat in a lovely tobacco brown.

Finch in Lime . . . I actually finished this set before we went on holidays.
If you would like to win a set made especially for your Littlefee, Iplehouse BID or Dollzone BB, you need to follow my blog and add a comment on this post stating what colour you would like.
Each person will receive one entry only and I will draw the winner on 30th November, so you have plenty of time to enter.

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Project: Upholstering Stools

First I must apologise for not commenting on everyone's blogs, for some unknown reason, I am having problems with Blogger. I even managed to lose Lily's comment from my last post, the other three showed up and Lily's just disappeared completely!! Sorry Lily, X.
Now on to my project . . . my kitchen stools.

First I removed the top from the base.
Then proceeded to remove all the staples . . . I found they come out easier if I lift with a screw driver UNDER the fabric.

So many to remove, stabbed myself twice, so if you are attempting this make sure your hands are clear of the ruddy screwdriver . . . it hurts and there's lots of blood!!

I made a pattern using the previous cover and double checked all my measurements.
Cut out the pattern, pinned and sewed the two end panels in place.

 Pulled it over the top and stapled it down, then cut a square of black fabric, folded the ends under and stapled it to cover the raw edges.
Then screwed the top back on the base . . . and hey presto, my finished stools.