Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Only Time Tells

There are times where I could really curse this hobby. One waits impatiently for weeks, sometimes months for parcels to arrive from Russia (their post must be the slowest on earth), never venturing outside for fear they will arrive while your out.

Then the day arrives when you say to yourself "enough is enough" and you finally give in to the urge for a day of complete sanity. So off you trot to the movies with hubby to see, not just one movie but two, Jersey Boys in the morning, lunch and a little shopping, then Maleficent in the afternoon and on to dinner.

Only to find when you've arrived home in darkness, the bloody things turned up while you were out and you're left with a note in the mailbox saying "pick up from the Post Office after 4 pm"!! How frustrating is that??

From Russia With Love
For my Biscuit Barrel elves: Cookie, Macaron and Biscotti
Then you check your emails and suddenly a bright light appears on the horizon . . . you've received a SHIPPING NOTICE!! Oh wow, how wonderful that feels, finally my two Fairyland Pukifees (Cony and Dony) have emerged from their cocoons and are flying home to Mumma.

So now, with fingers crossed, I'll begin the impatient wait all over again and with a little luck (I hope and pray Lady Luck is listening) they will be here by Friday.

Cookie wearing her favourite colour - crochet outfit by Ulanna
Raven wearing a lovely knitted outfit by Maram Banu

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Matching Resins

I received my DIM Youra head this week and was very pleased with the face-up. I couldn't wait to put eyes in, though I only had 10mm eyes on hand, which are a little small, so will need to order her a set of 12mm.

I'd been anxious for her arrival to see how she'd fit on the Luts KID body before ordering one, but after trying it on, it really didn't look right on the Luts body.

And so the trial began, on and off bodies until I tried it on my Iplehouse KID . . . what a perfect fit! Wasn't sure whether the resins would match and  I knew IH don't do bodies on their own, so I was hoping to find one on the second hand market.

I hit the internet, found nothing available on DOA. Then came across a post stating that DIM normal skin matched Doll-Zone normal pink, at which point I decided to check the DZ website and found the B45-012 girl body.

The body was not too big at the top or bottom, slender yet shapely and looked like it would suit Youra perfectly. Being the ridiculously impulsive person I am, I took a chance and ordered it. Along with my much desired Vanilla with default face-up, didn't bother with the wig or clothes though.

 I think her sad wee face is just gorgeous and I just had to bring her home. She will be called Destiny and will make a wonderful sister for Kismet. Considering the long wait I had with Choco, I am hoping that I may be lucky enough to have both home in time for Christmas!!

My Iplehouse Doll Choice dolls also arrived last week , but more on those two later when I have some clothes for them . . . don't want boy parts showing do we? :)

Saturday, July 19, 2014

New Dress / Pinafore

Added these to my Boutique today. The dress/pinafore comes on it's own, but looks really cute over a blouse and as a shorter, above knee style on my IpleHouse KID.

On reflection, I'm not at all sure about the plum flounce on the second one and was wondering if it was just a little too full. Also thought I may try varying the design slightly, by making it shorter and adding a small frill above, rather than on, the hemline.

As always, I'm interested in hearing my readers opinions, so feel free to let me know what you think.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Chatterboxes

Ebony: "I do love your new hairstyle Harmony, the colour is perfect and it frames you face beautifully."

Harmony: "Why thank you Ebony, I was so glad to be rid of all those curls, they used to smother my face completely."

Ebony: "The new dresses for the Studio 1283 Boutique are very comfy to wear, don't you think?"

Harmony: "Oh yes, and the floral fabric is very pretty and so soft against my skin."


The girls quite enjoyed modelling the newly completed dresses for me at our recent photo shoot and the added touch of the knitted boleros (from Adrienne Inspired) finished off their outfits nicely. However, their chatter was non stop throughout the whole shoot, honestly they were like two old ladies over the back fence!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Our July Adventure

Heather's challenge for the Adventurer's Club is becoming more difficult each month. Well it's either that or my thinking cap has slipped somewhat! This time I wanted to get in early, so I took advantage of the fact hubby has gone away for a few days.
It was Sunday, and we all got together to decide what adventure we would tackle that involved a travel case. I asked them all, "What do you think we should do? Should we have a day out?"

Seraphine replied, "No, it's too darn cold and besides you don't have a travel case big enough to take all of us."

"Yes that's true, you always take the tiny tots with you, but us bigger girls only get to go out on rare occasions." Nadia added.

"Okay then, what do you suggest we do?" I asked, hoping that someone in the room was going to come up with a great idea, or at the very least, something that would make this post interesting enough for people to read.

Then I heard a soft boyish voice say, "Why don't we bring all the cases out and see who fits in them?" I looked around to see Wren, dragging a small suitcase into the room.

I smiled and said, "I'm not too sure about that one Wren, it's pretty small." He opened it to look inside and quick as a flash, Hershey jumped in.

"Ah, this one's definitely my size." said Hershey, looking up at Wren. "I don't think so, it wouldn't close on your big fat head Hershey." he quickly replied .

So it was decided, we would bring all the "travelling cases" into the room and check them out. Mind you, in this home, travelling cases aren't always cases, sometimes they are make-up bags or lunch satchels, other times when it's one of my big girls, I use my laptop bag or whatever I can lay my hands on that they will fit in! In saying that, I do wrap them all very carefully or pop them in their sleeping bags.

After a lot of heaving and dragging,

a little pushing and shoving, with a few too many giggles thrown in here and there,

we finally had them all in one spot the floor. Of course, Cadbury and Lindt had to get in on the act too, there was simply no way in this world, those two were going to be left out!

It was no great outdoor adventure and there was no travelling involved, but all in all they shared lots of laughter and had fun with the travelling cases, while staying warm and snug indoors.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Just In Case ...

... you were wondering where I am, I thought I'd bring you up to date. It's been a fairly busy week, as I mostly have had my nose to the grindstone, designing a new pattern and sewing new dresses for my BID's.

I did take a break on Wednesday though, my friend Carol came over for a dolly day, which was fun. She also brought me an adorable little present which she had made for Angelique.

Her work is really beautiful and so well finished. The tiny rosebuds at the neckline are all  hand embroidered and the ribbon ties at the waist are silk.

Should you like to own one just like it, you can have one made in the colour of your choice especially for you own little girl. Two sizes are available and there are several colours to choose from. Pop on over to Pooklets Passion and check them out!

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Slap My Wrist!

I've gone and done it again! Unfortunately for my bank balance, the dolls got the better of me last night when these two sweeties begged me to bring them home. But, I am so happy they did. :)

Both are BIDs from IpleHouse, Anne (above) and Bonnie (below) are new face-ups on existing sculpts. I find there's something quite alluring about IpleHouse face-ups, they almost make one feel they are photos of real children.

I didn't order wigs or clothes for them this time, as selecting wigs, making clothes and choosing shoes, will  keep my mind occupied during the long waiting period while they are being made . . . I doubt if I will receive these till the end of September.