Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Forgotten FInds

Long before I began collecting BJD's, I designed and made teddy bears and along with the teddy bears came TOYS! Yes, toys that could be used as props when photographing my teddy bears for magazine photo shoots. Every now and then, I come across something that has long been forgotten . . . today I found this hiding behind some carousel horses on one of the shelves in our library (shows you how often I dust).

Antoinette: Gee up horsey, gee up!
My dear Antoinette soon claimed as her own. She quickly threw her leg over it and made herself quite at home, now I can't get her off the seat!

Of course it didn't end there, Lindt ended up crying "Where's mine?" So I went in search of something suitable for her and found this old mane-less rocking horse . . . needless to say, it's kept her amused for hours. 

Lindt: Come on Antoinette, let's race!
Hopefully they will both leave me in peace now, and I can get back to my sewing. :)

Friday, April 25, 2014

Yummy Stuff!

Found these little Fast Food Erasers the other day when hubby and I were out and about. Sometimes he has the patience of a saint, which comes in handy at times, especially when I stop to look in all the shops where I am likely to find things at a bargain price for my BJD's!

I bought two packs of these tiny erasers, one with the hot food and the other with the cakes and icecream. They are a pretty good size for my PukiFees as you can see with Cadbury. The pink cookie maybe a little big, but I can use it with my LittleFees instead.

Thanks mum, this is yum!
I also found a great round box which will do nicely to make a biscuit barrel home for the new arrivals due later this year. This will be a project I'll photograph and share with you later, when I have finished all my other UFO's.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Thank You!

Just a brief post this morning to thank all my loyal followers for their comments and interest in my sewing project for Seraphine. I truly appreciate you all taking the time to do so.

I did manage to cut the bodice & lining out on Sunday and put them together yesterday, but it's no way near finished and I doubt if I will get much done today, as I have another corner to paint in my kitchen. It's taking a while to finish, as we have so much furniture to move and very little space to put it. So it's a case of move it to one side of the room, complete a section, put the furniture back and go on to the next bit!

That's what comes of being a hoarder!! :)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Creating Seraphine (Part 3)

The bodies arrived on Thursday as expected, the floating heads are finally on their chosen bodies and the borrowed bodies are also back at last with their respective owners.

Looking at Seraphine sitting on the table in her new completely naked body, inspired me to begin making her costume and yesterday I managed to finish both the floor length underskirt and knee length top-skirt. I am happy with the way the two layers look together, they are both full enough and the black fabric in the under-skirt has helped create that beautiful shade of crimson that I was looking for . . . it's a perfect match to the tips of her hair and sparkly pupil-less eyes.

I love sewing this style of garment, the separate pieces are interchangeable and by combining them in different ways, it makes several outfits a possibility. The elastic waistband in the underskirt and top-skirt is also advantageous, as they can be worn by various dolls, some larger than the doll I actually made them for.

Hopefully, I will begin sewing her bodice tomorrow, however, I am yet to decide exactly which way I am heading with the design. It's a bit of a toss up whether to do sleeves and if I do what length should they be. Also wondering whether to add a peplum to the top.

I'll sleep on it and see what tomorrow brings forth. :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bodies Shipping

I was over the moon today when I received my shipping notice from Luts to say my parcel's on its way. Perhaps I may just be lucky enough to receive them in time for Easter. It's been a long wait (although not as long as I thought it would be) and they would be more welcome than chocolate eggs right now.

Having heads hanging around without bodies and dolls wearing other dolls bodies is all a bit creepy. Besides, I am extremely anxious to see all my MSD's finished and sitting pretty side by side in my room.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

One Should Never Say Never

Fairyland have done it to me again!

Fairyland's Photos

I think I am going to give in and order these two, they are just too gorgeous to resist.

I like their pretty costumes, but I know they would end up coming off as I like to do my own thing with my dolls and I never use sleeping plates. So although I love them as they are, I think I shall most probably order them as basics with default face-ups.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Change of Season

It's times like now, when I look out my window and see it's all grey, wet and miserable, that I get really fed up, depressed and just want to hibernate.
I guess the only thing I really like about winter, is having green grass and flowers in my garden that aren't gasping for water!

I'm not a winter person at all, I love the sunny autumn and spring days and feel at my peak when I see the summer sunshine! People have often asked me "how do you cope with the heat", but it's never really been a huge problem, after all, we do have ceiling fans and air conditioning. 

 Although, winter does have a small upside, it allow me more opportunity to contemplate which direction my BJD's are taking me. For example, do I want to write more photo stories, buy more dolls, change my blog?  After pondering those questions for some time, I came up with a simple answer, YES!

I'm seriously thinking of breaking my blog into sections, which will suit my dolls and the stories associated with them. I'm not exactly sure how to do this, whether to do pages or separate blogs and link to them like Heather did with the Adventurer's Club. But these are the sections I'd like:
FANTASY: Mythical creatures, like Dragons, Mermaids, Centaurs and Unicorns.
MAGICAL: Humans with special powers, such as Fairies, Elves, Sprites, Nymphs and Pixies.
HUMAN: Children and adults.
ANIME/MANGA: Boys or girls that fit that Japanese drawing style.
ANTHRO (anthropomorphic): Non-human beings, primarily animals with human characteristics.

I'd be most interested in hearing what my readers think of this idea, so please feel free to leave your thoughts in a comment.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

New Dresses On Etsy

My little Goth girl Kismet, did some modelling for me today and I thought she did a mighty good job!


Both dresses are ready to ship and are available through my Etsy Boutique.
They fit Lati Yellow and Puki Fee beautifully.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Yesterday's Meet

It's always a lot of fun when the dolly mum's get together with all their dolly families and yesterday was no exception. There was only eight in attendance, but everyone brought so many dolls it was hard to take them all in. This post is image heavy so please give them time to download.

The Long and The Short
Volks Beauties
Jewell Getting A Hug
Comparing Tans
Lots of Tiny Tots Gathering
Someone Needed Cheering Up
A Little Dragon Patting

Can't Keep This One Away!
Delicious Lishe?

Featuring Stormybabe's Handiwork
Oni's Fashionista
Showing Off

Friday, April 04, 2014

Our April Adventure

What a challenge Heather set for the Adventurer's Club this month! Exotic Animal took some rattling of the brain cells to come up with something original, but I think we have accomplished it.

I have quite a family of girls and they are always looking for something to do, especially during the school holidays. This time I will only have five to cope with, but if I don't plan ahead and organise something, they tend to get into mischief.

It was when we were all sitting on the patio, during our recent school holiday planning stage, that Hershey asked, "Mummy do you think you could take us all to Zoo Doo?"

"Zoo Doo?" I replied, "I think not, it would cost a fortune to take all of you to Tasmania, but we could go to Serendipity Farm, they have lots of unusual creatures to see." There was a loud chorus of  "Oooh yes please!" followed by a real buzz of excitement and anticipation.

Now Serendipity Farm, is widely known for having the weirdest and most exotic animals in all of Tinytown and I had little trouble getting the girls ready for our day out. By eight o'clock, they were all washed, dressed with hair in place, waiting by the gate and ready to go.

The first animal we stopped to see when we arrived was the Giraffe, he was tall and looked most gentlemanly in his diamante collar and he didn't mind at all giving the little ones a ride. "Look at us!" Lindt yelled, "We are all Giraffe tamers."

April Entry - Serendipity Farm
Then Cadbury asked, "Mummy can we go see the White Rabbit?"
"What White Rabbit?" asked Hershey.
"You know the White Rabbit with the tails." Cadbury replied.
"Tails? Do you mean to say they have a rabbit here with more than one tail?"

By this time we had reached the area where the White Rabbit lived, and sure enough right in front of us was a handsome White Rabbit wearing tails, but not the ones we were all expecting. We all roared with laughter, it was such a sight to see. Cadbury thought one tail in particular, was lovely and soft.

White Rabbit: "Who's that touching my tails?"
Then by a strange coincidence another rabbit appeared, but this one was even more unusual, she was huge and had short fur with lace and beaded patches, spines down her back like a dinosaur and a long tail with a pointed end. Even the older girls were amazed by this peculiar creature.

The time passed so quickly and just as we were leaving we heard a loud cough, which caught us quite by surprise. We turned to look and there he was, a funny Camel wearing a Fez.

Camel: "Careful with my nose dear."
"Isn't he just the cutest camel you ever did see?" remarked Ebony. "It would be fun to take him home with us." 
"We could even ride him to school, when the holidays are over," added Ivory.

I wandered off ahead, thinking to myself "Fat chance girls!" They quickly caught up with me, then we hailed a taxi to take us home. The girls slept all the way and I had peace, at least for a little while, but I knew it wouldn't last.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Stuff Up Rectified

Today, I have taken advantage of the monthly Doll Choice offer at Iple House and parted with a whole heap of cash once more. This time I made sure I marked GIRL bodies, even though they will end up as boys when they arrive. Now my recent stuff up with the BID boy bodies will finally be back on track and I will actually have girls with the right bodies and my first two little boys!

Naias Sculpt Normal Skin
I decided to order the Elemental Guardians Naias scuplt in normal skin with the original make-up, showing the little teefs. :) 

Serca Sculpt Normal Skin
And the Serca sculpt in special real skin with the KID Peach B make-up. I'm not sure how different it will make Serca look, but I wanted something really boyish that I can put with a short black wig.

KID Peach Special Real Skin Make-up B
Of course I didn't think about eyes and I'm not sure they are provided with a custom doll, but if they are they will be random and I will most probably need to change them anyway, so that's no big problem.

I did think about ordering IH wigs, but decided to wait and have another look at For My Doll as they have so many different colours to choose from. There will be plenty of time to organise them, as I will probably waiting for about three months for the dolls to arrive.