Monday, March 31, 2014


My new backdrops arrived last week and this morning I decided it was time I did a photo shoot of Lonnie in the beautiful black and white Ballroom. 

I made her outfit myself, which is comprised of an underskirt, overskirt and soft style corset top.

Lonnie (Iplehouse KID) is a stunner and very photogenic. She may well be a KID, but she can look quite grown up in these clothes.

 I'm happy with the photos this time and when I look at them, it makes me think I definitely need another girl this size, after all I seem to like having groups of three and let's face it, Iplehouse have some gorgeous sculpts. :)

Friday, March 28, 2014

Our March Adventure

According to Wikipedia: Wilderness or wildland is a natural environment on Earth that has not been significantly modified by civilized human activity. It may also be defined as: "The most intact, undisturbed wild natural areas left on our planet—those last truly wild places that humans do not control and have not developed."

This is the setting Heather chose for the March Adventurer's Club theme.

It was a warm March evening when Gina threw a few pebbles at Angelique's window. "Come down here" she whispered, so as no-one but Angelique could hear. "I've found something in the forest, that you must come and see". So Angelique quickly threw on a pair of shoes and climbed out the bedroom window in her pyjamas.

March Entry - Magical Wilderness
"What is it you wanted me to see that's so important it couldn't have waited until morning?" Angelique asked. "I don't like going into the forest at night, it's like a wilderness in there and you can't see anything anyway without a torch." 

"Don't be afraid Angelique, I've been there tons of times before, it's not as scary as you may think." So off they toddled along the winding pathway, being so careful not to trip on things in the dark.

All of a sudden Gina pointed, "There it is, see what the fairies have built?"

"Oh my!" Angelique replied, "It's a castle, how do you know the fairies built it?"

"It had to be fairies", Gina replied. "No-one else would dare to tackle building something like that in this wild country." Then as she turned back again to look at the castle, her foot slipped on the moss that carpeted the ground where she was standing, and over she went like a falling tree, landing squarely on her bottom.

She tried to get up, but her ankle gave way underneath her. "I can't stand on it", she cried. "However are we to make it back home?"

"Don't worry Gina, it's not far to the castle, I will go and get help."

Angelique ran all the way until she reached the steps to the castle, then turned and waved. "I shan't be long now, I'm almost there."

It wasn't too long before Angelique returned with Diaphanus, a wingless fairy princess. She knelt beside Gina and gently rubbed the little girl's foot until the pain went away and it felt strong enough for her to stand.

They both thanked her profusely for her help, then they all returned to the castle and had a wonderful breakfast of fairy bread and honey tea.

 What an adventure the girls had this month. :)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Versatile Blogger Award given by Nymphaea

I must say I was honoured to receive this award given to me by Nymphaea of The Doll Barn and sincerely thank her for thinking of me.

However, it appears there are rules one must attend to before one can accept it. One must choose 15 bloggers to pass this award on to and tell the award giving blogger 7 things about yourself.

I'm not sure I can fulfill the requirements at this point in time, so I hope everyone will forgive me. I promise I will attend to it down the track.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Office Furniture

This office furniture will be the correct size for my Little Fees, but before they had a chance to try it out Cadbury, Hershey and Lindt commandeered it!

They should have received a good talking to after climbing all over it with their shoes on, but it's hard to tell them off when they look at you with faces like these. :)




You may have noticed Cadbury and Lindt are sporting new wigs from For My Doll . . . they have some really great wigs in lots of different colours. These are so darn cute and having the ability to colour co-ordinate them to match their dresses was a bonus.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Creating Seraphine (Part 2)

Two more parcels arrived today, the fabric which you have seen in a previous post and this wonderful wig!

It matches her eyes perfectly and I love how they have mixed and blended the colours. The top being a mix of gold and cherry with it graduating to just this beautiful rich cherry red. I couldn't have wished for a more delightful wig for my Fire Sprite!

Now the fabric ended up being completely different colour to what was shown on the screen and thank heavens for that!! It's much more blood red than tomato and when layered with the black fabric it will make a gorgeous gown.

I do wish her body would arrive though, so I could give this one back to Coco!!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

New Beginning for an Old Body

So far, I only have a body, it arrived on today 13th March. However, it's probably better to have received the two separate parts in this order, as I can begin making her costume while waiting for the head to arrive.

Volks SD13 Girl Body (Pureskin Normal)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The BID's Arrived Yesterday

I ordered these little girls sometime back and they arrived yesterday. I have named them Ebony & Ivory and will be perfect accompaniments for my sweet Harmony.

Efreet and Elin sculpts with IH face-ups.

Their outfits & wigs are from Iplehouse, but the shoes are from Mimiwoo and I made their knee sox myself. Mind you, I did have a minor hiccup . . . in my rush to order them, I accidentally ordered BOY BODIES!!

Now I am going to need to order some boys with girl bodies, so I can swap them over . . . then finally my little girls will have some boys to play with. :)

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Dolly Get Together

Spent a very enjoyable afternoon yesterday chatting about dolls with a fellow BJD enthusiast while the "girls" got to know each other. :) Snapped a few quick shots of them together and then went back to talking, talking and talking . . . the time went by so fast and it was dinner time before we knew it.

Kismet was quite smitten by all her lovely Lati Yellow friends.

Three gorgeous girls together . . . I can feel another Ante sculpt coming on!

Thank heavens we both have understanding partners!!


Celine is modelling the Day-Evening Dress which I completed this week.

Friday, March 07, 2014

New Addition? I Think Not!

This week my Wild Imagination Amelia Thimble/Izzy arrived. I knew she was tiny, but for some reason it really didn't register when I ordered her, exactly how tiny she would be.

As soon as I opened her box I had the feeling she would end being a prop rather than a doll that I would dress and enjoy. She was kinda cute, but I wasn't at all fond of her eyes or wig as it was just too much hair for her tiny head.

To be completely honest, she was just far too tiny to be anything else than a little baby to put in my crib. So it appears I have unconsciously set another boundary . . . no dolls smaller than PukiFee size for me!

Monday, March 03, 2014

Creating Seraphine (Part 1)

I thought my next hybrid should be a fire spirit, an agent of purification. She will be courageous, creative, enthusiastic and passionate. However, as a fire spirit she will also have a wild, almost dangerous side to her nature and should be capable of infernos of rage and intemperance.

So her head is here and waiting and I ordered her a Luts body a couple of days ago, then as soon as I saw this wonderfully vibrant embroidered fabric, I knew I just had to have it to make her outfit. The picture is very clear in my mind of exactly how I want her to look, but I have yet to find her a suitable wig.

I have even found the perfect name for her . . . Seraphine, which very aptly means burning fire.
Now the waiting game begins all over again!