Tuesday, July 30, 2013

From Me to You

A parcel arrived in the mail today, I was very excited to see who it was from . . . 

but as I turned the box around, I was shocked to see the damage . . .

what was I going to find inside????
To my relief there was a little mummy, well wrapped in tissue and bubble wrap
and when I finally unwrapped it
there was my sweet little Singe in his birthday suit, with a second head no less.

I was overjoyed!
Nothing like a little bit of fantasy to put one in a great mood for the day.

I wrote this little poem back in 2009 and it was first published on 3rd January, 2010.
I have since made a couple of changes and seeing I am crazy in love with Luts' Centaurs,
little naked Dragons and generally caught up in a Fantasy whirl,
I thought it was an appropriate time to post it here.

© S.D.Smith

As a child, I went to places beyond my reach,
I dreamt of stars shining bright, on a moonlit beach,
Of digging in sand and finding coins to keep,
Of misty hills and green valleys deep.

As a child, I flew through an ebony sky,
Hanging rainbows on stars, as I passed by,
I saw fat little goblins hanging tight to a cloud,
And the child within me, laughed out loud.

As a child, I went to places mystical and old,
I dreamt of pretty maidens, with long braids of gold,
Of beautiful unicorns and stone castles tall,
Of music and fairies that danced in the hall.

Time has passed, yes, the years have flown by,
But l remember those dreams, as death draws nigh,
And still face each day with a smile or a grin,
Because I haven't forgotten the child that's within.

May you stay forever young!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Be Happy

There seems to be a lot of controversy surrounding dolls and those who love them, but I really don't give a damn what other people think regarding this issue. There probably are those who think I am way too old to collect/play with dolls because they simply do not (and probably never will) understand why I enjoy what I'm doing. To be completely honest, sometimes I don't even understand it myself, but it does make me happy.

It's not merely a matter of collecting or playing with dolls, it's having an appreciation of the work that goes into sculpting them and the fact you can add your own creative input to making each one individually special.

It doesn't matter whether one enjoys sewing, knitting or crocheting outfits for dolls, shopping online for shoes and tiny objects for props, practicing photography, taking up pastels or paint brushes to give a doll a new face-up, or whether one just enjoys spending time chatting and sharing ideas with like minded people of all ages and genders . . . it's all pleasurable fun.

Life is fleeting and each of us should enjoy the precious moments that make us happy while we can. Now, I no longer care to find the reason why I enjoy dolls, I simply do.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

She's A Must Have

Luts have just added a couple of the new Centaurs to their website and this little one is definitely a must have in my books.

Although she has the Hansel head (a male), to me she is so pretty as a girl and I love that she has a tan body rather than the normal skin colour (though no doubt she will be more expensive this way). I hope they have plenty of the wigs in stock too, the way they have combined the colours of this one is really different and seems to lend itself to the overall design.

Somehow I think she is the one centaur I will have to order as a complete item, so much for being on a dolly diet and there goes the dolly bank balance for the rest of the year!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Little Nautical

I thought I would design a little dress with a sailor collar today. However, I didn't go totally nautical, because Marie Ann  told me she wanted something pretty in the same fabric as Ziorina's new dress.

The collar is detachable, so the dress may also be worn strapless with a belt.

This week has been quite eventful on the dolly front, I finally ordered a tan PukiFee Vanilla and a LittleFee Luna to keep Marie Ann company. Later, I added a few more things to my Etsy store in the hope someone, somewhere, likes something enough to actually make a purchase instead of just adding it as a favourite.

Then just as I was about to log out...I spotted Singe! Yes, The Mushroom Peddler had not just one, but THREE unpainted ready for shipment. Knowing how quickly they go, I hit the buy button, I wasn't going to miss out on a Singe Dragon this time round! Now the dolly account is as bare as a baby's bottom...so it's back to the dolly diet for me...at least for a little while. :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Discovering Flowers

My sweet little Ziorina has been modelling a newly finished dress for me today.

Here's a close up.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Design for LittleFee and Honey Delf

The girls are enjoying some beach time in the new sun dresses that I have just listed on Etsy.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lots of Tiny Centaurs

I didn't realise there were going to be so many....SIGH! How ever am I going to make a decision of which one to bring home and love???

Friday, July 05, 2013


I can't wait for this little centaur to be released, he looks so darn cute and the temptation to own this little sweetie is far too great.

I have been waiting for a quite some time, for a small version of the centaur to be released and I am determined he will be mine, no matter what the cost. :)