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Goodbye 2015 Hello 2016

Another year bites the dust and there's a new one on the horizon. What a year it's been . . . until I composed the list below, I had no idea that I had added so many BJD's to my doll family. (And fortunately for me, neither does hubby.)
I have enjoyed so many blogs this year, I have loved viewing your photos, reading your comments and most of all sharing your company. I do hope you'll stick around and keep blogging throughout the coming year.
To my dearest readers . . . I wish you the very best that life can offer, may the year ahead be a safe, healthy and happy one for you all. Hugs, X

Dolls 2015 MSD ~

Humans: Sally ~ Luts Kid Delf Darin Girl Body Real Skin Normal, Arrived 9th February 2015 Suzie (Suzanne) ~ DF-H Tao Yue Pink Skin, Arrived 10th February, 2015
Hanako ~ Supia Doll Hanna Normal Skin, Arrived 13th May, 2015
Magical Beings: Ondine ~ Hybrid DIM Youra head default face-up Normal Skin (rec 15th July 2014) / Luts Kid Delf Romantic Body Real Skin Normal, Complet…

The Christmas Present

A few weeks before Christmas hubby asked if it was too late to order a doll for me for Christmas. I just laughed and said "Probably, but not necessarily." Knowing full well I had spotted a pretty little Real Fee in the DoA marketplace. To cut a long story short, he paid for her and she arrived in very good time, but I wasn't allowed to have her until yesterday.
However, I already had a wig in mind, shoes on hand and other Real Fees to use as models for clothing which allowed me to begin planning for her . . . and here she is . . . Miss Peri Winkle.

Her stockings are baggy, but they will soon be replaced by some pretty ankle socks.
Peri is an elf who was born without ears. Her other senses compensated for her lack of hearing and she became a dragon whisperer. She excelled in this field, and even though she could speak, she really wished she had ears. Every day she would say a prayer, hoping that someone, somewhere would provide her with ears, so that she might hear…

Season's Greetings

Christmas in Australia is celebrated during our summer months, often in between bushfires and summer rain. There's no white Christmas or log fires for us, even though our Christmas cards and traditions usually depict those of the colder climates.
We have the traditional Christmas trees, Santa, carols and gifts, but our Christmas dinner may be a barbecue or seafood feast in the backyard, or a picnic on a beach, with cold beer instead of eggnog and pavlova instead of plum pudding. 
Christmas is also a time for reflection, a time for friends and family, so I would like to say ~ thank you for keeping me company this year and no matter where you are in this wide world of ours, I wish you Peace, Happiness, Good Health and may all your Christmas dreams come true.


Yes, I'm still here. :) I had hoped to post some photos today, but alas the backdrops that I ordered especially to do the proposed photo shoot, haven't turned up yet.
Which is probably just as well, as I have developed a rotten case of conjunctivitis and am having to put in eye drops every two hours?
Hopefully things will return to normality next week, the shopping is done, presents wrapped and we've assembled Coco's Christmas present early because it's been so hot here ~ he loves it! Can you guess what it is?

Truffles and Little Dragon

Today I gave Truffles a new wig to wear, it's a very pretty Monique Gold wig with a combination of two different coloured fine fibres which look very much like real hair. After we trimmed her fringe, I sent her off to play in the Elvin Forest. It wasn't long before she came running back all excited.

Truffles:Mummy, mummy, look what I found in the forest today.
Me:What did you find dear?
Truffles:Come here and look . . . he followed me home. Can I keep him, can I, can I?

Me:Oh my! I don't think that's a very good idea Truffles, he's a baby dragon and his mummy will soon be looking for him.
Truffles:But he told me he doesn't have a mummy. He's called Little Dragon and he is all alone without a friend in all of the Elvin Forest.
Me:He maybe called Little Dragon, but he will be a very large Little Dragon before long and however are we going to feed him? Dragons eat people.
Truffles:But mummy, he doesn't eat much at all, he's vegetarian and only eats leaves. H…

Sometimes I Love . . .

Christmas. It's that time of year when all the pretties dazzle your senses, the aroma of beautifully cooked food tickles your nose and entices you to eat more than you should, it's a special time, when most families gather and enjoy a period of fun and laughter.

Yes, the Christmas festive season certainly can conjure up happy and somewhat peaceful pictures in ones mind, but for me it's just one hell of a hectic time of year that overwhelms me and eats up all the time in my day. So today I am making a stand, yes, today I am taking some "me time", time to photograph some dolls and write in my blog.

Stand by for some follow up ~