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Poor Patsy

I thought I'd share someone different today, she is a doll from my childhood which I discovered in a box, (recently delivered to me from my mother). There were three and this is the one who is most in need of tender love and care. She is a 15 inch Palitoy Patsy drink and wet baby doll from the early 1950's. Her head is marked, "MADE IN ENGLAND PAT. NO. 535811" and her torso is marked, "BRIT. PAT. 600270, MADE IN ENGLAND, AUSTRAL. 135724, S.A. 813/46, CANADA. 466981".

The doll's head is made of hard plastic and her body a soft rubber. She used to drink, cry and wet, however, this is no longer the case.

Patsy has brown moulded hair, a very cute face with light pink rosy cheeks and a feeding mouth with faded pink lips, nice eyebrows and blue sleep eyes. I think her eyelashes are missing, but maybe they are just pushed in and could be pulled out with tweezers to normal length. Her eyes are pushed back slightly into her head and could use a little adjustm…

Lazy Days and Daffodils

I have been feeling like I needed some R&R this week, so today hubby and I decided to take a drive through Gippsland to one of our favourite towns . . .  Yarragon. It has some lovely shops, amongst my favourites are Candleberry Country where you'll find a  vast array of pretty fabrics to tempt even the most discerning sewer and Carousel Cottage a lovely shop full of decorative items for the home. Needless to say, I made a small purchase from both of them. :)
We then lunched at Gippsland Food and Wine, where my sweet little Pippin (LF Pipi Girl ~ Tan Skin) became very curious about everything.

After lunch we drove down roads we hadn't travelled before and came across the Blyth Brothers farm . . . and what a spectacular sight to behold it was!

Row upon row of magnificent yellow daffodils and fragrant jonquils. It reminded me of William Wordsworth's poem "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud".
I wandered lonely as a cloud That floats on high o'er vales and hills, W…

New Wigs

Monday I received my latest order of wigs from For My Doll. I couldn't quite remember which I ordered for who at first, but it finally all fell into place.

Four of them were for PukiFees. The pink updo was for Macaron, the yellow pigtails for Cookie, and the other two for the PukiFee faceplates I have yet to find bodies for. One 8/9 Carrot wig ready for Verity Delamore-Larkin (April Story Ishyllia) my #2 steampunk sister on order and a 6/7 Pink for Atargatis (Impldoll Baby Gela), my mermaid, who I am currently making a tail for.

Today, I gave Macaron (PF Dony), Cookie (PF Bonnie) and Biscotti (PF Cony) a sort of makeover. Firstly, I swapped Macaron and Biscotti's eyes over giving Macaron the blue and Biscotti the green. Next, I added kips to both their necks as they were nodding quite uncontrollably and then I trimmed and styled the two new wigs. Finally I brushed Biscotti's hair and added a hairclip to keep her hair in check.
I also finally received the boots that should…

Weekly Update

This morning hubby and I attended a planting at the park across the road from where we live. It's not something either of us have done before, but it's a lovely park which we use daily to walk Coco, so we thought we would do our part. Though we didn't really have a great deal to do, because our local Council gardeners had already dug the holes for us to plant the grasses and groundcover, so we were home for lunch. However, it was nice to see so many of the multi cultural mix of people from our neighbourhood attending the planting and to watch the children enjoy themselves. -oOo- Just lately I've been thinking about all the fabric and threads I have just sitting here doing nothing. There are so many, I will never use them in my life time. So for the past few days I  have been busy making a new Etsy Store to sell them on to people who can put them to good use. All the fabrics are like new, many of them have very cute designs on them, but are too large for what I'm c…


I was recently tagged by J.S. from Toy Box Revenge with this question meme, and as I very rarely reveal anything much about myself or my reasons for doll collecting, I thought it a good opportunity to share, so I'll just get on with it.

1. Do you collect anything other than dolls? Yes, teddy bears, books and odd pieces of antique furniture. And fabric of course!

2. Why did you start a doll blog? I wanted to write a journal of sorts and have a place where I could share photos and day to day happenings with my long time friend Diane, who lives in the country and my favourite aunt in the UK. Though with the addition of more dolls, it's evolved quite considerably into what it is today. Blogging has opened up a new world filled with other likeminded people, who I really enjoy chatting with almost on a day to day basis.

3. Do you have one particular doll that is the favourite in your collection? Not one in particular, more like PukiFees in general, they seem to like following me aroun…

8th August Doll Meet

We took a few photos using  backdrops at today's meet.

Sew Happy

The grey and milk chocolate crepe de chine I ordered for the steampunk outfits arrived yesterday and it's everything I imagined it would be. There is something special about the feeling of silk and it drapes so well, it should be perfect for the overskirts.
Sometime back I ordered pyjama/jumpsuits for all my Pukifees as well a couple of spares for the two PF's to come. However, I couldn't order a yellow set for Cookie, because the supplier didn't have the colour. Well I used one pair to gauge the sizing and I made a set for her myself. Not the most ethical thing I have done, but I shan't be making them to sell and I couldn't see Cookie miss out could I? Making them entirely by hand has helped me overcome my trepidation of working on such small outfits using stretch fabric. Even though I have made leggings before quite successfully, I have always worried about the fabric stretching too much as I sewed the seams. Now I feel more confident, I may even attempt a f…

Mad Hatter

Sometime ago, I put together a hybrid, using a Volks Cyndy body with a Napi Doll Rogebell head, but never quite got round to completing her. Then recently, after putting an April Story Ishyllia on layaway, I decided to make these two SD girls my Steampunk sisters. They are a good size, which will allow me to put a good amount of detail into their costuming. I have had some lovely striped silk pieces sitting in my stash for years, just waiting for the right project to come along and I knew they would be perfect for my Steampunk theme. I began by sketching a couple of different designs, one with knee length pants, the other without. Then, after ordering some coordinating crepe de chine to compliment the striped silk and some gorgeous boots from Etsy in similar tones, my thoughts turned to their hats. Millinery has always been something I have loved making, and before long my hands had began busily working on these ~

Surprisingly, everything I used, I had on hand and I am pleased with t…