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PukiFee Zio

He arrived today and was to remain a boy, until I tried a dress on him. :) Then he looked like a girl so I had to order her some hair ... couldn't make up my mind which wig would suit best, so ordered three different styles. GULP!

This is the little mohair wig I settled on and she has been renamed Hershey.

New Shoes

Don't know what it is about shoes that lures me to buy them, but I just cannot help myself. Whenever Mimiwoo lists new shoes in her shop, my resistance wanes. Even though I promise myself and tell myself repeatedly "no more shopping, no more shoes", my will power just flies out of the window!! This lot arrived in the post yesterday while I was out at the movies with my hubby...aren't they just darling?

Lia - My Venus Warrior

Lia arrived last Friday, but I missed the post, so waited impatiently until yesterday to pick her up.

She's quite a pretty looking doll, but very much in the vinyl category. Lia came with face-up, eyes, wig, clothing and accessories, but I didn't like the jointing and wouldn't go out of my way to purchase another from Ruby Red Galleria.

The price was reasonable and delivery was prompt - no waiting months like with the resin dolls. However, having said that, and as impatient as I am, I would rather wait a few months to receive a doll which is of a quality I would be proud to add to my collection.

Call it a lesson learned. :)

Tutorial: Sun Dress for Puki Fee

For this project you will need:
Fabric (I used a Japanese printed lawn) Skirt 21cm x 4.5cm, Bodice 11.5 x 4cm and
Straps 10cm x 2 cm (these will be stitched as one then cut in half to form the two straps)
1.5cm gathered lace or trim for bttom of skirt 21cm long
2cm lace for bodice 4cm long (I ended up using an eyelet lace with silk ribbon threaded through)
2 press studs (snaps)
Other trim to give your dress the personal touch, i.e. buttons for the back or a tiny bow for the front

Run two rows of  gathering stitches close together along the length of the skirt fabric and pull up to measure 11.5cm.

Fold over 5mm (wrong sides together) along the bottom edge, press and then place the gathered lace or trim on top, pin then stitch in place.

Centre the 2cm lace on the right side of the bodice fabric, pin then top stitch in place.

Pull up the gathering stitches, place the gathered skirt edge right sides together with the bodice fabric, easing as you pin then stitch together about 5mm in from …

Ante's New Clothes

Rompers by hiblythe, cardigan by maisiedoats both on Etsy, and shoes from CoolCat on eBay,