Monday, 20 March 2017

Gotz Hannah and Her Dog 2016

Don't know where the year is going to, it's just disappearing so fast!! I thought I would take a little time out to re-organise my doll room and it has simply taken ages. I'm still not happy with it or anywhere near completing everything I had planned to do (but more on that later).

I have however, managed to slip another little doll into my basket. Well she's not so little, at 50cm/ 19.5" she's the tallest of my play dolls. I quite liked the 2017 edition of this Gotz doll, but wasn't keen on her having a fringe (bangs) so I had to do some hunting around to find last year's release. Fortunately, I found one in Melbourne at a reasonable price, so I shan't have the wait that would usually accompany an order for a doll and she should arrive later this week.

I'm looking forward to sewing for this gal as soon as I bring my new overlocker (serger) home. I am so lucky to have a hubby that likes to spoil me, he's paying for my BabyLock Imagine which was quite expensive compared to my old Janome, but what a great little machine. No complicated threading or tension adjustments to worry about with this baby!!

Hope you are all enjoying plenty of dolly time. :)

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Three Wee Kish Dolls

Well after much toing and froing I finally made the decision not to purchase the Kish dolls that had a vinyl head and plastic body regardless of their mobility and went with the all vinyl dolls instead.

So Flora (12" LE 1997 Kish Collection) and two 7.5" dolls, a Fiesta Blue Riley (2005) and a Concert Zsu Zse (2006), should arrive shortly.

L: Zsu Zse & R: Fiesta Blue Riley
All the dolls are new in box, with hand painted faces and five way jointing. Being small in size, it made sense to bring them home together to save on postage.

These were all so very reasonably priced, they may well become experimental dolls, who will undergo changes down the track, but only time will tell.  :)

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Holiday Snaps

We spent 2 days in Port Fairy, which is a coastal town in south-western Victoria, Australia. It has a rich history and 50 of it's buildings are protected by the National Trust of Australia. The bay was named by the crew of the whaler The Fairy in 1828.

We visited Mount Eccles, an inactive volcano and the Gunditjmara name for the mountain is Budj Bim meaning High Head.

We then went on to Robe, a town and fishing port located on the Limestone Coast of South Australia.

The town and surroundings has a distinctive combination of historical buildings, ocean, fishing fleets, lakes and dense bush.

We found a great cafĂ© where we had brunch each morning of our 5 day stay.

I only had this once, but it was yummy and was enough to last me to dinner time. :)

The last 2 days was to be in Portland, but after getting to our destination, one day stay was enough! So we came home a day early and forfeited our accommodation expenses.

Took a couple of shots of my IpleHouse KID Lonette (Lonnie) when we first arrived, but she stayed in her bag after that.

In a way it was good to have a break from dolls, for a little while at least.